Kudu Roshan’s brother among suspects arrested over Madampitiya murders

Kudu Roshan’s brother among suspects arrested over Madampitiya murders

(FASTNEWS|COLOMBO) -The Police Special Task Force (STF) this morning arrested three persons on suspicion over the gruesome murders of two underworld figures near the Madampitiya cemetery in Grandpass.

The arrested suspects have been handed over to Mattakkuliya Police for further investigations.

Two individuals, who had arrived for a funeral, were hacked to death by four men armed with machetes and swords near the Madampitiya cemetery at around 4.00 p.m. yesterday (15).

A three-wheeler suspected to have been used by the suspects was discovered within the cemetery premises while it was later uncovered that the vehicle belonged to W.A. Niroshani, who is currently in remand custody and is the wife of ‘Kudu Roshan’.

The STF had searched her residence in Mattakkuliya and discovered two swords while upon further searching the property and surroundings, the three suspects in question were apprehended.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Sudes Asanka, 18, and Mohamed Ramlan, 19, who are both residents of Mattakkuliya.

Meanwhile the third suspect has been identified as Kolitha de Silva, 34, who is the younger brother of ‘Kudu Roshan’ also known as ‘Aja’.

The three arrested suspects are in the custody of Mattakkuliya Police who are conducting further investigations.



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