SLFP to launch an independent public campaign

SLFP to launch an independent public campaign

(FASTNEWS | COLOMBO) – Chairman of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Former President Maithripala Sirisena says the Central Committee meeting held yesterday(02) focused on party reform activities for next year.

Speaking to media after the meeting held at the party headquarters and commenting on the former good governance government, former President Sirisena said the former government cannot be blamed for everything adding that it was former President JR Jayewardene that folded the election map.

He added no other administration worked as much as the former good governance government.

The former President said no one speaks of the good work the former government did.

Former President Sirisena said after the Parliament sittings for this year ends on the 10th of December, the SLFP will launch its new programme across the country.

When inquired on whether SLFP will contest future elections separately, the former President said it will be decided when an election is held.

SLFP Central Committee which convened yesterday decided to launch an independent public campaign focusing on the prevailing social and economic issues.

Speaking to NewsRadio Senior Vice Chairman of the SLFP Prof. Rohana Laxman Piyadasa said it was decided to organize the relevant campaign before this month ends.

He noted during yesterday’s meeting a detailed analysis of the 2022 Budget proposal was also presented adding discussions, while members of the Central Committee reported on the situation in each district.

Prof. Rohana Laxman Piyadasa stated the Central Committee also decided to analyse the prevailing situation and reach relevant political and social issues.