“Magic Bag”, a campaign to bring smile to Mongolian children’s faces

“Magic Bag”, a campaign to bring smile to Mongolian children’s faces

(FASTNEWS | MONGOLIA) – In 2015, while a group of young people was handing out New Year’s gifts to children in ger areas, they discovered the grim conditions that thousands of children are living in.

Since then, they decided to carry out an annual campaign, called “Magic Bag”, where bags are sewn and filled with gifts for children to be distributed on New Year’s Day, targeting vulnerable children.

These young people formed the Lantuun Dohio group to fight against child abuse and human trafficking.

They also launched a fundraising campaign to protect, and educate children affected by domestic violence, and have now established “Magic Land I and II” centers in Songinokhairkhan and Bayanzurkh districts of Ulaanbaatar.

In addition, they are successfully implementing the establishment of a mobile library in each soum of Mongolia, to contribute to spreading culture, learning, and entertainment among children, especially in light of the outbreak of Covid and the closures that accompanied it, which prevented children from going out to the school to play with their friends.

They made more than 8,000 children happy with their “Magic Bag” campaign.

Source: A24 News Agency