Directors are thinking of me for non stereotypical roles : Mukti Mohan

Directors are thinking of me for non stereotypical roles : Mukti Mohan

(FASTNEWS | INDIA) – Mukti Mohan’s only aim is to tell a story, irrespective of what medium it is airing on. An actor-dancer, she has featured in various films, done reality shows, web shows and music videos, too, besides participating in dance competitions.

As a professional who is “growing as an actor”, she is delighted that the lines are blurring now. “People are appreciating and noticing that I can do comedy, stunts, acting and dancing. I feel I am able to use my full potential in this profession. The dream is to be an actor and a dancer in today’s times,” says Mohan.

Her recent OTT outing, Thar, got her noticed for playing a feisty village belle, which she says was “difficult” for her to play. Mohan, who has featured in films such as Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster (2011) and Hate Story (2012), among others, says she’s now looking forward to more film outings.

“I am glad that I’m not getting the obvious roles of the glam girl or girl-next-door kind of roles. Now, directors are thinking of me for roles that are non stereotypical. It is a true blessing that people are noticing me and saying that I can act,” she says.

The actor-dancer recalls shooting for the Raj Singh Chaudhary directorial, and credits him for guiding her through the process. She says, “When I saw my performance in Thar, I wondered if it was really me. All thanks to Raj sir, who helped and guided me. I didn’t expect so much love and such positive response for this project.”

Mohan goes on to add, “When I took it up, I was greedy to work with Anil Kapoor (actor) sir. Playing a woman from a village who is muscular, has a high libido and lives life the way she wants to excited me, and that’s why I did it. ”