Gas prices to reduce from today

Gas prices to reduce from today

(FASTNEWS | COLOMBO) – Chairman of the Litro Gas Company Muditha Peiris has confirmed that the price of gas will be reduced from today.

Peiris said gas prices will be reduced today, according to the price formula for gas introduced by the Ministry of Finance.

Peiris claimed that Sri Lanka possesses sufficient stocks of gas to ensure that queues will not be formed in future.

He noted that the positive aspect of the price formula is that benefits of gas prices reducing in the world market will be granted to the public.

Peiris revealed that the 33,000 MTs of gas procured by the state will ensure a sufficient supply for all.

He also explained that shipments for August, September and October have been confirmed.

However if inclement weather is experienced, Muditha Peiris claimed that a delay of one or two days will be seen when unloading shipments.