Xi Jinping secures third term in power

Xi Jinping secures third term in power

(FASTNEWS | CHINA) – China’s Xi Jinping on Sunday secured a third term as leader of the Communist Party and unveiled a new seven-member Politburo Standing Committee, which he heads, that will determine the path of the country’s development in the next five years.

Below are the personnel elected on Sunday by the Central Committee, the biggest of the party’s top decision-making bodies, to the pinnacle of China’s political power.

General Secretary of the Central Committee:Xi Jinping

Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, or Politburo, of the Central Committee (seven members):

Xi Jinping, 69; Li Qiang, 63; Zhao Leji, 65; Wang Huning, 67; Cai Qi, 66; Ding Xuexiang, 60; Li Xi, 66

Politburo of the Central Committee (24 members):

Ding Xuexiang, Xi Jinping, Ma Xingrui, Wang Yi, Wang Huning, Yin Li, Shi Taifeng, Liu Guozhong, Li Xi, Li Qiang, Li Ganjie, Li Shulei, Li Hongzhong, He Weidong, He Lifeng, Zhang Youxia, Zhang Guoqing, Chen Wenqing, Chen Jining, Chen Miner, Zhao Leji, Yuan Jiajun, Huang Kunming, Cai Qi

Central Military Commission Chairman:Xi Jinping

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary:Li Xi