British man loses bid to bring Sri Lankan parents to UK

British man loses bid to bring Sri Lankan parents to UK

A Sri Lankan-origin accountant in Ketering has appealed against a British Home Office refusal to allow him to be re-united with his ailing Sri Lankan parents in the UK.
Sivasoruban Sivasubramani, 38, of Rockingham Road, Kettering, told a Birmingham Immigration and Asylum Tribunal that his parents, who are Tamils, wanted to join him and his wife in Kettering.

Sivasubramani told the tribunal his 74-year-old father had recently been conned out of £350 and had been injured in an accident.

He said his mother, 64, had memory losses and said both parents wanted to come to the UK. Sivasubramani said: “My wife and I would like more children and I want the love and affection my parents can share with grandchildren.”

Both Sivasubramani and his wife are British citizens and were said to be in an adequate financial position to look after the parents.

A Home Office official said there had been no reason to change the Home Office’s previous decision and advised tribunal chairman Jean Gribble to reject Sivasubramani’s appeal.

She said she would make a decision at a later date.