ISIS Brutality Thrives: Blows up 10 prisoners again

ISIS Brutality Thrives: Blows up 10 prisoners again


Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) also known as Islamic State (IS) that is known for killing its prisoners by beheading and burning them alive adopted another new method to show their brutality.

A fresh video has emerged on the internet in which ISIS militants are seen blowing up ten prisoners by bombs that have been buried in the ground.

In the video, ten prisoners are seen blindfolded and forced to sit on their knees where the bombs have been buried by the ISIS militants. After they sit, bombs are exploded by bloodthirsty ISIS. It is believed the prisoners are from the Shinwari tribe and were accused of aiding the Taliban in the Afghan province of Nangarhar, where ISIS was recently expelled.

Several of the other victims were also condemned to death for helping the Afghan government counter the longstanding insurgency in the troubled country. The video appears heavily co-choreographed with the ISIS fighters riding on horses across the green hills with the early morning fog adding to dramatic effect. (Foreign Media)