Putin calls for summit on Libya

Putin calls for summit on Libya

(FASTNEWS |LONDON) – Russia’s president on Thursday proposed that the UN Security Council’s five permanent members hold a special summit in 2020 to discuss the ongoing conflict in Libya.

Vladimir Putin said Russia wanted a “serious conversation” with the US, UK, China and France over the situation in the North African nation, as well as other geopolitical issues.

He added that Moscow was happy for a summit to happen “in any country, at any point” to find a way to resolve the conflict in Libya.
“There are many tasks before us. We discussed one of them very recently in Berlin … that is Libya. We need to return to this problem at the Security Council and adopt the corresponding resolution,” Putin said.

“We discussed (this) with several colleagues and, as far as I understand, in general we saw a positive reaction to holding a meeting of the heads of the permanent members.” (Foreign Media)



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